About me

I've been drawing and painting portraits since childhood. My love for drawing and the desire for creative expression has been present for as long as I can remember. 

At a later age I became intrigued by the craft of stained glass. A craft that has remained virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. The combination of portraiture and learning to make stained glass windows brought me where I am today.

"Stained glass is dynamic, the colours change depending on the type of light."

In our chaotic existence, working with stained glass gives me a total peace of mind. In the serene environment of my own studio, I am completely in control. Making stained glass has a fixed procedure; one follows the steps and from there the work is created. It's very satisfying and never gets boring.


For my work I approach a realistice perspective, focusing on the materials I use. Because of the leadlines i.a, the paintings can never be a perfect reflection of reality. I see this as a huge quality and charm of the stained glass technique, and of course a challenge for me as an artist.

Photos by ©Tumbleweed & Fireflies Photography